Friday, August 21, 2009

Men in Black

Ever since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did an Abbott and Costello schtick interpretation of their namesakes, the Men in Black, the term is considered pretty much a joke. What people under a certain age (and the populace at large) apparently don't know, is that for decades the "men in black" struck a very real chord of fear into people who thought about reporting some sort of paranormal phenomena. The caricature known from episodes of the X-Files and the big screen are in fact based on reality.

Well, it seems that our activities related to our investigations have garnered the attention of our very own men in black. For some time now our operatives have been followed, harassed, and even had an apartment broken into and a computer stolen. All of these events seem to be connected to a group called "Darkwater". We are on the lookout for any news relating to this organization. All we know about them so far is that their logo consists of a quasi "yin yang" symbol with the word "Dark water" place above the center. If anyone has any information about who they might be, and what their agenda is, send us an email.

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