Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abandoned Mines

There seem to be some old mines down at Frog Level Farm. Our preliminary research doesn't reveal any history to them. We first noticed the top of a shaft out in the Froggy Bottom area when we were searching for the impact site of the August 3rd incident. Without aid of a flashlight, it was impossible to see how deep it was. Our source dropped a stone in the opening, but didn't hear it hit anything. There is no telling how deep it is. We did a little bit of research into old mines, and realize how dangerous the area might be.

Well, last week the owner of Frog Level Farm was doing some clearing back in the woods, and reports hitting a large object buried a couple of feet down. He excavated around it, and discovered what appears to be another entrance.

The opening is about 5'x5'. We didn't want to venture in too far, but this shot was taken about 20' in, looking back towards the opening. Notice the side walls are caving in on each other. It felt sturdy, but no telling how deep it goes, and how dangerous it is. We'll be keeping an eye out for any further discoveries, and continue researching the history of the area.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Men in Black

Ever since Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did an Abbott and Costello schtick interpretation of their namesakes, the Men in Black, the term is considered pretty much a joke. What people under a certain age (and the populace at large) apparently don't know, is that for decades the "men in black" struck a very real chord of fear into people who thought about reporting some sort of paranormal phenomena. The caricature known from episodes of the X-Files and the big screen are in fact based on reality.

Well, it seems that our activities related to our investigations have garnered the attention of our very own men in black. For some time now our operatives have been followed, harassed, and even had an apartment broken into and a computer stolen. All of these events seem to be connected to a group called "Darkwater". We are on the lookout for any news relating to this organization. All we know about them so far is that their logo consists of a quasi "yin yang" symbol with the word "Dark water" place above the center. If anyone has any information about who they might be, and what their agenda is, send us an email.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giant Frog Sighting

David Graf of Pro Image Printing in Ashland, VA was making a delivery up to Frog Level Farm when he saw a creature crossing the road. He describes it as a large froglike creature, about the size of a deer. Frogs can grow to very large size, but even the largest frogs in the world can hardly be described as being "deer sized" Goliath Frog

We believe the creature Mr. Graf saw was yet another mutation caused by the virus delivered by the August 3rd incident. To see an interview with Mr. Graf, go to

Here's a clipping from the August 20th, 2009 Herald Progress, the Hanover County newspaper:

We were able to interview Mr. Graf on video. You can view the video interview with him at, or on our Facebook page

This sighting was followed by another, this time by a Ashland piano teacher Jodie Brill. This appeared August 27th in the Herald Progress. A video interview with her is available at

It seems the "FrogMan" is growing rapidly. There as a reporting two weeks ago of an animal getting into the Frog Level Farm chicken coup and killing several chickens. We'll be keeping an eye out for more news.

Mutant growths

This is one of the first examples of evidence that things in the area of Froggy Bottom are beginning to mutate. Our source tells us that he was following a young goat, named Amelia, down to the low lying wooded area of Froggy Bottom. What struck him is that Amelia is not a wanderer, as she has been bottle fed since birth and tends to stay very close to people. Guests who attended the Caroline County fair may have met young Amelia at the Frog Level Farm booth.

When he arrived at the the wood's edge and retrieved Amelia, he heard what he thought was another young goat within the woods. Following the source of the sound, he found this. The sound was coming from the flower like orifice in the center of the orb. Note the human mandible-like growths protruding from the object. The entire growth, and the vine it was growing on, was destroyed with an axe, and then burned.

Meteor Lands on Frog Level Farm

This video was shot August 3rd after national news coverage of reports of a UFO sighting in Doswell, Virginia over the Kings Dominion theme park in June. What is not publicly known is that that UFO sighting was not an isolated incident. Over the next few weeks, a number of anomalies appeared in the sky north of Richmond Virginia. As we followed these reports, we found that they centered on a single area, known as Frog Level. It was at this time that PHRAWG was formed, in order understand the significance of Frog Level as a focal point for paranormal activity. Two of our team members was driving the backroads of Virginia, specifically Rt 600 in Caroline County (known as Frog Level Road), when they captured this video.

We are still trying to isolate the sound, but it seems as if there is some type of engine noise.
We do not believe this was a natural object, but some type or piece of manufactured probe or craft. Interestingly, we were not able to pinpoint a specific impact location, although we believe it was in the general area of the farm known as "Froggy Bottom".

Welcome to PHRAWG

Welcome to PHRAWG, the Paranormal Heuristic Research Awareness Group. PHRAWG is an organization committed to researching reports of the paranormal in the area known as Frog Level Virginia. In addition to our website,, our facebook page, and our twitter page,, we will be utilizing this blog for periodic long format information.

As some of you may know, a foreign object of some type, resembling a meteorite, struck Frog Level Farm on August 3rd, in an area they call Froggy Bottom.  We have been investigating and following stories coming from the area. So far the evidence we have uncovered:

An animal of some sort has been attacking chickens in the area, leaving behind a strange residual slime.

Odd mutant growths, fusing plant life and apparently human dna, have been discovered in the area. These growths are apparently able to mimic the sounds of animals, specifically a goat.

An enormous "frog like" creature was spotted in the area by a local businessman. His video interview is currently viewable at

We are of the believe that whatever it was that landed at Frog Level Farm, it carried with it some type of alien virus, which is beginning to alter the nature of the landscape around it. We will continue investigating as the months go by.

A warning to anyone interested in investigation this on their own. There is an agency, which we can only conclude is somehow linked to the government in whatever shadowy way, that is trying to suppress news of the strange events that are unfolding. We know the name of the group is "Darkwater", but have little more information about it. Take care, as we have no idea how far these people will go to keep a lid on news from Froggy Bottom.