Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giant Frog Sighting

David Graf of Pro Image Printing in Ashland, VA was making a delivery up to Frog Level Farm when he saw a creature crossing the road. He describes it as a large froglike creature, about the size of a deer. Frogs can grow to very large size, but even the largest frogs in the world can hardly be described as being "deer sized" Goliath Frog

We believe the creature Mr. Graf saw was yet another mutation caused by the virus delivered by the August 3rd incident. To see an interview with Mr. Graf, go to

Here's a clipping from the August 20th, 2009 Herald Progress, the Hanover County newspaper:

We were able to interview Mr. Graf on video. You can view the video interview with him at, or on our Facebook page

This sighting was followed by another, this time by a Ashland piano teacher Jodie Brill. This appeared August 27th in the Herald Progress. A video interview with her is available at

It seems the "FrogMan" is growing rapidly. There as a reporting two weeks ago of an animal getting into the Frog Level Farm chicken coup and killing several chickens. We'll be keeping an eye out for more news.

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