Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mutant growths

This is one of the first examples of evidence that things in the area of Froggy Bottom are beginning to mutate. Our source tells us that he was following a young goat, named Amelia, down to the low lying wooded area of Froggy Bottom. What struck him is that Amelia is not a wanderer, as she has been bottle fed since birth and tends to stay very close to people. Guests who attended the Caroline County fair may have met young Amelia at the Frog Level Farm booth.

When he arrived at the the wood's edge and retrieved Amelia, he heard what he thought was another young goat within the woods. Following the source of the sound, he found this. The sound was coming from the flower like orifice in the center of the orb. Note the human mandible-like growths protruding from the object. The entire growth, and the vine it was growing on, was destroyed with an axe, and then burned.

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