Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome to PHRAWG

Welcome to PHRAWG, the Paranormal Heuristic Research Awareness Group. PHRAWG is an organization committed to researching reports of the paranormal in the area known as Frog Level Virginia. In addition to our website,, our facebook page, and our twitter page,, we will be utilizing this blog for periodic long format information.

As some of you may know, a foreign object of some type, resembling a meteorite, struck Frog Level Farm on August 3rd, in an area they call Froggy Bottom.  We have been investigating and following stories coming from the area. So far the evidence we have uncovered:

An animal of some sort has been attacking chickens in the area, leaving behind a strange residual slime.

Odd mutant growths, fusing plant life and apparently human dna, have been discovered in the area. These growths are apparently able to mimic the sounds of animals, specifically a goat.

An enormous "frog like" creature was spotted in the area by a local businessman. His video interview is currently viewable at

We are of the believe that whatever it was that landed at Frog Level Farm, it carried with it some type of alien virus, which is beginning to alter the nature of the landscape around it. We will continue investigating as the months go by.

A warning to anyone interested in investigation this on their own. There is an agency, which we can only conclude is somehow linked to the government in whatever shadowy way, that is trying to suppress news of the strange events that are unfolding. We know the name of the group is "Darkwater", but have little more information about it. Take care, as we have no idea how far these people will go to keep a lid on news from Froggy Bottom.

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