Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Abandoned Mines

There seem to be some old mines down at Frog Level Farm. Our preliminary research doesn't reveal any history to them. We first noticed the top of a shaft out in the Froggy Bottom area when we were searching for the impact site of the August 3rd incident. Without aid of a flashlight, it was impossible to see how deep it was. Our source dropped a stone in the opening, but didn't hear it hit anything. There is no telling how deep it is. We did a little bit of research into old mines, and realize how dangerous the area might be.

Well, last week the owner of Frog Level Farm was doing some clearing back in the woods, and reports hitting a large object buried a couple of feet down. He excavated around it, and discovered what appears to be another entrance.

The opening is about 5'x5'. We didn't want to venture in too far, but this shot was taken about 20' in, looking back towards the opening. Notice the side walls are caving in on each other. It felt sturdy, but no telling how deep it goes, and how dangerous it is. We'll be keeping an eye out for any further discoveries, and continue researching the history of the area.

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